Horary: 2020 Presidential Election


Horary: Will the Democrats Beat Donald Trump?

The querent is neutral and American. Therefore, Trump is Mars, Lord 10, and his opponent/opposing party will be Venus, Lord 4. The Moon represents the electorate.

The Moon (electorate) makes no aspect to either Mars (Trump) or Venus (Democrat). The Moon is partial to Mars by triplicity but is also in Mars’ fall. This means that while some will vote for Trump, there are just as many more in the public who won’t. However, the Moon is totally indifferent to Venus (Democrats). Therefore, Trump shows a slighter edge with the electorate reception-wise.

Meanwhile, Venus is exalted in Pisces, but in the last couple degrees of the sign. So, it’s a puffed up and agenda-driven Venus that is about to lose all essential dignity and go into detriment in Aries. Once Venus enters Aries, then Mars will have power over Venus. Venus opposes the Midheaven by antiscion (a position mirrored in the 0 deg Cancer – 0 deg Capricorn axis). This is bad news for the Democrats. It looks like the Democrats are going home.


Trump remains in office. Perhaps this will be a repeat of the 2016 election results? We shall see. I interpret the chart as showing the Democrats failing to reach The White House.

Some Points of Interest:

The Moon immediately opposes Jupiter in Capricorn, ruler of house 6 (unpleasant events) and house 9 (foreign countries). Mars and Jupiter have a strong mutual reception. Might this be a reason why Trump gets reelected? Unpleasant events and issues from a foreign country could be the reason why Trump remains.

Mars is conjunct the 6th house cusp. Mars joys in the 6th house and gains strength there. Mars is conjunct the fixed star Rasalhague. This star is connected to the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Snake Bearer. It shows immoral tendencies and dishonesty.

Venus is conjunct the fixed star Scheat. This star is connected to the Pegasus constellation. The star shows a tendency toward an overestimation of one’s powers. The star is connected to the myth of Bellerophon who was struck down by Zeus for being arrogant. Bellerophon thought he could rise to Mount Olympus. This shows another qualifying layer of the Democrats failing to make the cut.

I look forward to discovering how this horary chart will unfold. Therefore, I will likely write a Part II after the election.

ADDENDUM 02/03/2021

I learned a bit more these last few months and in retrospect can see the testimony of this chart that Trump would lose.

It appears that accidental dignity matters more than essential dignity when Venus, L4, Biden enters 10th house despite going into detriment. He still becomes president even though he is throwing himself into a difficult situation when L4 Venus goes into detriment in Aries.

The Moon is in Mars’ fall, therefore Trump was brought down by a lack of votes.

On top of that, Mars (Trump) is conjunct the South Node and the Arabic Part of Resignation by antiscion.


    • Unfortunately you have the translation of the star Rasalhague completely wrong. Ras Al Hague means Head of Truth or Head of Right. The star points out for rightful truth to be seen and known…

      • No I don’t I think so. I think the chart was wrong because I glossed over or did give not give enough credence to the Moon in Cancer bringing Trump’s significator Mars into its Fall. Receptions prove to be very important here. I think once Biden is in office the Venus moving into detriment indicates a lot more unanticipated difficulty for him.

  1. solid prediction. many asrologers are in fact left leaning so when it comes to such important prediction people can’t keep being neutral. we experienced it before and many astrologers failed to see that trump is coming and i think it is again the case. love from turkey.

  2. I have cast a few charts myself and all of them pointed to confusion and chaos. Where I ended with my prediction was this. Past the horary, card readings and progressions, I kept going back to Mercury retrograde in the electional chart. Leading up to and on election day when it stationed and didn’t move forward until the following day. To me, Merc RX tells the story. The only ones in the race that have been here before is Trump/Pence. Biden/Harris are not (re)-doing and are therefore at a major disadvantage. Mars RX indicated to me, major fighting and anger.

    Here we are and all of those things are true. Chaos, confusion, miscommunications, anger. Generally it is a mess. I think when all of the dust settles, Trump will remain in office. The indications of a Biden win are not the truth because of the confusion. Nothing is clear. Merc RX reigns supreme and is doing it’s job.

    Have you cast a new Horary in the midst of this confusion? I would be interested to see. I can’t cast another one as it is too early and I don’t think I will get a good reading for that reason. Still chaos and confusion.

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