Horary: Will Prince William be King?



Horary Chart: June 26, 2017, at 12:28 PM, Boston, MA, LMT

At this moment in time, after 65 years on the throne Queen Elizabeth II enjoys  a 75% approval rating. Her relatively stable reign (…at least with her anyway) has left many feeling confident the British monarchy shall continue well into the 21st Century. However, should we feel confident? Can the monarchy continue after beloved Queen Elizabeth II is gone? It’s arguable that only she is popular among the UK people. When she goes, will King Charles be able to keep up approval ratings? Will Prince William ever become the King? Does Prince William even want to be King?

The horary question was asked by an interested querent who happens to be a foreigner, so the chart must be turned. We begin with the 10th from the 9th (radical 6th). The significator will be Jupiter representing  the current reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II. This significator also represents The Crown itself. Now where is Prince William located in this chart? In reality, he is second in line to the throne, since he is the primary grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. That means we count 5th from the 5th (representing grandchild; her child’s child). So we start with 10th from the 9th (radical 6th), and then 5th from the 10th (radical 10th) and then 5th from the 5th (radical 2nd) . William is represented by the radical 2nd house ruled by Venus.

So far we’ve got:

The Crown: Jupiter at 13.39 degrees in Libra.

Prince William: Venus at 20.59 degrees in Taurus. 

At first glance, the two planets do not behold one another so will not aspect anytime soon. This doesn’t look good for Prince William. However, the Moon will shortly perfect a sextile with Jupiter, and then move to form a square to Venus connecting them by a translation of light. This translation of light by the Moon is passing Prince William The Crown. What does the Moon represent? The Moon rules the radical 10th house, which in relation to the turned chart, is the 5th house representing the child of Queen Elizabeth II. The Moon represents Prince Charles who is now close to perfecting an aspect with Jupiter, The Crown.

The horary chart appears to answer a long debated question, that Prince Charles will be King before Prince William, and there is nothing around that. The monarchy will continue and Prince William will become King after his father. Prince William is represented by Venus, who has a lot of essential dignity in Taurus, probably showing that once he becomes King, he will be perceived as popular and stable like his grandmother. In terms of mutual reception between Jupiter and Venus, it appears Jupiter in Libra loves Venus, but Venus in Taurus has no interest in  Jupiter. I see that as Prince William being a reluctant King. He’s more interested in just living his life and being on his own, but in his case, the less you want something like The Crown, the more it wants you.  The Moon squaring Venus shows the passing of the The Crown between his father and him will not be easy. The Moon peregrine in Leo and moving quickly probably shows Prince Charles not having a very long and popular reign like his mother, but nonetheless Prince Charles will serve his duty as King. 



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