The American Solar Eclipse August 2017


Solar Eclipse 2017

A powerful solar eclipse will be over the USA on August 21, 2017 at 2:30 pm eastern standard time. I cast the chart for Washington DC to observe the symbolical association and relevance for the overall country. The ruler of the eclipse is shown by the sign, and it’s in  Leo at 28.53 degrees, but for an eclipse the Sun cannot also be ruler. According to Traditional Rules for Judging Eclipses by Deborah Holding, the eclipse in Leo signifies:

“… death or misfortune for royalty, nobility and ‘persons of quality’; the ruination and destruction of ancient buildings, palaces and churches; division amongst the clergy, the besieging of towns, and a scarcity of horses and grain.”

The above quote should be interpreted figuratively. There is a likelihood of increased aggressiveness, damage to property, misfortune of people in powerful positions, significant protest, agricultural and economic issues.

According to William Lilly, in Annus Tenebrosus (pg. 84), he writes that when either luminary is eclipsed in the fiery triplicity (in this case Leo):

“…doe declare the death of Heards both great and small Cattle, the banishment of some great King, Prince, or eminent man, or his imprisonment or beheading. Amongst the vulgar people, or men of somewhat better quality, it excites enmity, jarring one with another, much dissembling with each other, the motion of some great Army or Company of men horrible Wars, slaughter of men, thefts, murders, many towns or places depopulated, women suffering Abortions, sharp Feavers, strange apparitions in the ayr, Epidemicall diseases by reason of scorching heat; scarcity of fruit, especially in those Countries which are subject unto Sign Eclipsed, admirable mutation in many things.”

The Solar Eclipse will also be at the last 10 degrees of Leo,  traditionally this is ruled by Mars. The nature of Mars is choleric. William Lilly writes in Annus Tenebrosus (pg. 88) that a solar eclipse in the last decan of Leo:

“… presages Captivity, besieging of Towns, Plunderings, Profanation of holy places, a scarcity of Horses, or a destructive Murrain amongst them.”

It appears this eclipse predicts major social economic issues for North America. I see this as significant upcoming economic scarcity, drought issues, prices going up leading to lack, perhaps a stock market correction, the dismissal of elected officials, protest, and rioting. According to traditional astrologers, such as Ptolemy, the number of hours a solar eclipse lasts, reflects the number of years its influence will have.  In this case, the eclipse will last a total of 5 hours and 18 minutes, which reflects roughly 5 years. So by 2022, we will have witnessed the above predictions come to pass. By all estimations, the next 4-5 years will have a dramatic impact on the US.



Lilly, William: Annus tenebrosus, or The dark year Or astrologicall iudgements upon two lunar eclipses, and one admirable eclips of the sun, all visible in England, 1652. Together with a short method how to judge the effects of eclipses.

Nina Gryphon: Eclipses

Peter Stockingers Traditional Astrology Weblog: The ‘Great American’ Total Solar Eclipse, 21 August 2017, Including a Case Study

Skyscript: Traditional Rules for Judging Eclipses by Deborah Houlding

Time and Date: August 21, 2017 — Great American Eclipse (Total Solar Eclipse)


17 thoughts on “The American Solar Eclipse August 2017

    • I think she is referring to the planetary ruler of the sign, rather than the sign containing the eclipse. In every system with which I am familiar, the Sun rules Leo. If so, and eclipsed Sun (in Leo) would be rather problematic. Curiously, we have already had one new moon in Leo, and I wonder how that factors into the mix.

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  3. Given that you are looking four to five years out (and I think that works in this case), have you thought about the impending Pluto Return for the U.S. factors into this? (Or are you ignoring Pluto because you are a traditionalist?)

    • I’ve been studying astrology from the works of John Frawley. I agree with him in observing Pluto like a fixed star, so I do take him into consideration. Pluto is usually ominous. He represents shadowy figures as well as plutocracy. The stars show we’re moving into a darker period that will peak around 2020 during a stellium between Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Capricorn. You can read more about it on It will be a major shifting point. I think we will move through it, but I do shudder a little about that time period.

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