Solar Eclipse February 2017


Chart for Solar Eclipse, February 2017, Washington, D.C., GMT

Yep! I know this blog post is late. Fortunately for my slow writing, Astrology predictions also take time to unfold, and so this Solar Eclipse chart is still as relevant as it was when it occurred. Lets take a peek at some of the noticeable planetary alignments happening here for the USA.

Sun/Moon conjunction in the cold/wet sign of Pisces. Neither of them have any essential dignity in Pisces, however the Moon probably doesn’t mind being in this sign that is similar to her own nature, cold and wet; whereas the hot and dry Sun does reflect some agitation within this sign. The two bodies lie in the eleventh house, giving special attention, to that which the eleventh signifies i.e. the house of representatives & the senate of the USA, also allies and friends of the country. What is their focus? Well Sun/Moon in Pisces exalts Venus and its dispositor is Jupiter. Venus is currently the Lord of the first & sixth house!

The first house represents the overall well being of the country & the sixth house represents public health, health service, and our military service men and women. For the last month since these alignments took place there has been a great deal of emphasis, for better or worse, regarding the state of our health insurance issues and military. Jupiter in Libra lies in the sixth house again showing that emphasis and it’s interesting to note that Jupiter resides in the sign of Libra ruled by Venus. Venus remains in a sorry state! She doesn’t like being in Aries, she’s in her detriment, and it points out the weaknesses currently going on in our country.

What I find especially noteworthy, is the Aries Mars & Uranus conjunction in the twelfth house of the US chart. The twelfth house represents secret enemies, espionage, prison, and criminals. Mars, God of War, is lord of the seventh and twelfth house. The seventh represents the country’s foreign affairs, both friendly and not. Mars being in Aries in the chart gives him a lot of power. In his own sign, he’s usually on his best behavior, however paired up with the sky god Uranus it gives him a greater element of surprise, disruption, and amorality with his undertakings. Lately, there has been a great media emphasis on espionage, secret enemies, cold war, the Syrian conflict and “who knew what and when did they know it?”

Something that is even more noteworthy, the Sun/Moon conjunction also in conjunction with Jupiter by antiscion! Jupiter in Libra is opposing the Mars/Uranus conjunction, and now we are witnessing a major unraveling going on with FBI investigations of our secret enemies, espionage, hacking, and the drama of our foreign affairs all happening at once. This eclipse was action packed, and for the last couple months we have witnessed the drama unfolding with just yesterday, the US dropping missiles on Syrian airbases. Wow! I have yet to analyze the Spring Equinox Aries Ingress Chart and I am fascinated to see what that will reveal as well.


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