Lunar Eclipse February 2017


Chart for Lunar Eclipse, February 2017, Washington, D.C., GMT

Personally, I am fascinated by Mundane Astrology.  However, I do recognize that it’s above my current knowledge and expertise. Mundane Astrology is the study of of the flow of events in the world. It’s one of the most challenging forms of Astrology. It requires the interpretation of a multitude of charts such as Aries ingress charts, eclipse charts,  movement of comets, and significant planetary conjunctions. For instance, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs about 20 years and mirrors the significant trends, shifts, and changes in the world at large. A careful study of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction chart can show us the significant shifts that will occur within a country. It’s also important to look back at more than one Jupiter/Saturn conjunction to observe the evolution of that particular country. They are slow moving wheels and will take years to set off and unfold depending on the various ingress charts, solar returns, and eclipses thereafter.

Lets take a look at the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in February. The Moon is peregrine in the hot/dry, barren, and bestial sign of Leo. The Moon is not comfortable in Leo, because it’s contrary to her nocturnal, feminine, and cold/moist nature. Her weakness is further added by being in the 12th house of confinement. Also, the Moon trines Saturn and Uranus, perhaps giving her a push to express disruption, dissent, and protest.

The Moon represents the people. Though she has increased in light, there is currently not a whole lot of power to act. In Leo,  Moon loves Sun, but she currently opposes Sun. The opposition signifies coming together with regret. The Sun is also in a tough state of affairs. The Sun who reflects the leaders of a country is in the sign of it’s detriment. The Sun is unhappy in Aquarius. It loathes itself and it carries the influence of Saturn. While Aquarius is a hot/moist sign with humane qualities, Sun focuses on Saturn’s domain of restriction, boundaries, and confinement unnecessarily. The Sun is also focused in the 6th house which represent the state of health affairs, the country’s servicemen and women, and the military.

The Sun does not perform well in Aquarius and it needs help. Fortunately it obtains the help from a trine with Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter is only slightly dignified right now in Libra. In Libra, Jupiter exalts Saturn, and the Sun is ruled by Saturn. Saturn has his hands in many pots right now. Saturn is sowing seeds of restriction, structure, and order. Jupiter is currently in conjunction with the fixed stars of Spica and Arcturus. This signifies divine blessings and prosperity, and it resides in the country’s 2nd house, the house of all it’s financial institutions. However, the ruler of the 2nd house, Venus, is currently residing in the 7th house, and she too is in her detriment in Aries.

Venus moved out of her exaltation in Pisces and now resides in Aries where she is unhappy. Being ruler of the 2nd house, Venus moving into Aries signifies a shift in our financial institutions,perhaps not being as sound as they  were back in Pisces, and are now headed for conflict.  However, Venus will station in Aries, and then retrograde back into her exaltation in Pisces, showing another boon. It will not last though, when she has to station direct in Aries again. Our financial institutions will be unstable for a time and Venus in the 7th house indicates  a reliance on our relationship with other countries.


Chart for Grand Conjunction Jupiter and Saturn, May 2000, Washington, D.C., GMT

Now let’s take a brief look at the last Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which occurred in May 2000, nearly 17 years ago. Remember Grand Conjunctions are slow moving wheels, and their reflections are not felt until many years later. I would like to compare the Eclipse Chart to the Grand Conjunction of 2000. In the relationship to each other, did you notice the really tight square of the Sun/Moon opposition in the lunar  chart to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the grand chart?

The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction lies in the 10th house and it’s house that signifies the country’s president. The Sun/Moon square Jupiter/Saturn, in the area of the 10th house, showing a direct conflict going on between the people and the leadership of the country.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been a rather uncomfortable experience in the world at large while it has moved in opposition to a stellium of planets in Gemini in the Grand Conjunction chart for the last couple years. Saturn in Sagittarius in the lunar chart is now moving to oppose Mercury in Gemini in the grand chart. Mercury in the grand chart is the lord of the 2nd house signifying the country’s financial institutions. I wonder if this Saturn opposition to Mercury will mirror a shakeup in the economy.

Also in the grand chart, notice Uranus residing in the 7th house, the house of foreign affairs, at 20.49 degrees of Aquarius. Uranus is close to the Aquarius Sun and opposing the Leo Moon in the lunar chart. Uranus is perceived as more or less a disruptor causing surprise and breakups.  I find it interesting that our current topic of conversation in the USA has to do with terrorists, illegal immigrants, and the influence of foreign governments on our elected officials.

This is but a small taste of the whole spectrum of Mundane Astrology. Still there are more charts, and details yet unknown, and a careful study can lead to a revelation of the unfolding of all future world affairs.


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