Horary: Will the Patriots Win the Superbowl?


Horary Chart: January 24, 2017 at 7:10pm in Stoughton, MA, -5 GMT, Regiomontanus

 Wow! What an incredible and epic Superbowl 51! So many things happened here, not only did the Patriots make an amazing comeback, it was the first Superbowl game to go into overtime, and it solidified Tom Brady as the greatest quarterback of all time. I love Tom Brady and I wish he was more well liked outside of New England. He really is a great guy inside and out. Nonetheless, let’s get to Astrology! Particularly Horary Astrology! Anyway, as you can see from above, I asked this question a couple weeks prior to the actual game.

For learning purposes only, I decided to look at the chart shortly after the outcome of the Superbowl. I wanted to focus on definitive testimony and not allow my biased opinion to kick in and muddle with the interpretation of the chart. We must view the chart as a picture of reality and not as an abstract thing.  Now for those who follow along with sports, we know Patriots won 34 to 28 in overtime! Now let’s look at the chart and observe how it points to a Patriots win! Let’s identify the Houses and Lords in play:

  • Ascendant, Lord 1 (The Patriots): Virgo at 3.24 degrees, the ruler is Mercury at 11.42 degrees Capricorn.
  • Descendant, Lord 2 (The Falcons): Pisces at 3.24 degrees, the ruler is Jupiter at 22.54 Libra.

Okay let’s go! Immediately we notice a tight conjunction of the North Node on the Ascendant, the Patriot’s house, and the South Node conjunct the Descendant, the Falcons’s house. The horary chart is essentially saying, “Thumbs up Patriots, and thumbs down Falcons”. The North Node is seen by many as a benefic, while the South Node is more the malefic.  If the Nodes weren’t so tight on the cusps, I would most likely ignore them, and look for another testimony, but since there is no other significant clue here, this will have to do. Also, notice how the Moon which can signify a “flow of events” shortly making a Trine aspect to the Ascendant & North Node, while only a  Sextile to the Descendant & South Node? Giving us another tip off to a Patriots win. The Nodes are practically begging us to look at them! The Patriots were destined to win this game, and it will be talked about for years to come.


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