Horary: Will the Patriots Win the AFC?


Horary Chart: January 17, 2017 at 4:14pm in Boston, MA, GMT -5, Regiomontanus

Being from Massachusetts, it’s always an exiting time when the New England Patriots make the NFL playoffs. This was to be the last game before the Superbowl, scheduled Sunday, January 22nd at 6:40pm, in Foxborough, MA EST, and they were up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was curious to know the results of the game and decided to practice some of the skills I learned studying Horary. First off, lets start with the significators involved in this chart above:

  • Ascendant, Lord 1 (The Patriots): Cancer at 23.53 degrees, The ruler is Moon at  5.11 degrees Libra
  • Descendant, Lord 2 (The Steelers): Capricorn at 23.53 degrees, the ruler is Saturn at 23.13 degrees Sagittarius
  • 10th house cusp, Lord 10 (The Patriots prize): Aries at 5.22 degrees, the ruler is Mars at 22.15 degrees Pisces.
  • 4th house cusp, Lord 4 (The Steelers prize): Libra at 5.22 degrees, the ruler is Venus at 15.0 degrees Pisces.

Okay, now that we have identified the houses and significators involved, the question now is what aspects are we looking for that signify either team winning. Ideally, we want to see an aspect between one of the team’s significator and their respective prizes. Also, essential dignity/debility is less important than accidental dignity/debility, because we are not necessarily looking for how good a team is, but how likely they are to play in the actual game itself.

In this case, we can already see the Patriots having an edge because their significator, The Moon, lies right on the angular 4th house cusp. Not only are they in an angular house (which shows strength), but the fact is, they’re right on the cusp of the 4th house which signifies the Steeler’s Prize. Basically, it’s testimony that they’re standing in the way of a Steeler’s win. The closer a significator is to a house cusp, the stronger the influence it has over that house.

Lastly, while there is no direct aspect for either team and their prize, if you take a close look at the antiscia, “which in astrology, the antiscion  is considered to be the mirror image, or shadow, of a planet based upon a line of reference, which is the axis of 0 Cancer/0 Capricorn.” We see that the Moon (Patriots) is about to conjunct Mars (The Prize) by antiscia. Voila! We have a Patriots win. 

Also, if you have any familiarity with Fixed Stars, and though they typically play a very small role in Horary charts, you may have noticed the Fixed Star Pollux (23.27 degrees in Cancer) is tightly conjunct the Patriots Ascendant. In mythology, Pollux was the immortal son of Jupiter and Leda. He was famous for his boxing skills. The Star is known to be called Hercules. It has a Mars-like nature. The star placed so closely to the Ascendant most likely signals the Patriot’s overall toughness in the game.

The Patriots stomped all over the Steelers, and they won,  17-36. 

Off to the Superbowl, The Patriots went.




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