Cartomancy: A Reading List


By no means do I consider this to be definitive guides to reading the cards, but I have found through experience that these three books have been consistently helpful in assisting me to read the cards. I have found myself turning back to them over and over despite all the other wonderful new books that have come out. Why, are these books so helpful? Well allow me to explain to you below:


A Complete Guide to the Tarot – By Eden Gray. If you utilize the Rider Waite Tarot or its variants, then I recommend this book to you. Why? It has all the essential ingredients to understanding, practicing, and fully realizing the power of this Tarot deck. It’s also incredibly straightforward written in just under 300 pages. The book contains fully fleshed out interpretations of each card, both upright and reversed. It also contains sections on history, numerology, meditation, Kabalah, and Astrology, but in fact my favorite part of this book is the rich glossary of symbolic meanings. For example, what does the little dog in the The Fool card signify? Well you’ll find out in this book.


The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle – By Sylvie Steinbach. Now, I believe this was one of the first books on the Lenormand cards to come out in English, and I feel it’s one of the most helpful and easy to follow guides on the Lenormand cards today. The card interpretations provided are contemporary and easy to remember. What I really took from this book is the concept of utilizing Key Cards to make your readings more concise and straight to the point.   For example, taking The Clover card as your Key Card to represent  the Luck in your life, then linking up the surrounding cards in order to interpret what is around the seeker. If you’re looking for a book on Lenormand’s Grand Tableau Spread or some of the more strict European traditions of reading this petit deck then this may not exactly be for you.


Card Reader’s Handbook – By Regina Russell. A comprehensive, super fun, easy to follow guide on reading the playing cards. I love this book. It was written by a professional reader who developed a strong following and psychic tea room still going strong today. She asserts you don’t have to be psychic to read the cards and I agree, but what she does recommend is that you commit to memory the interpretation of each card, the layouts, and the combinations. Doing so will make you an excellent reader and not to mention sharpen your mind. This book covers all the bases in playing card divination.

And there you have it. These three books will set you on the path to being a good, strong, and super accurate Cartomancer. Happy reading!


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